Monday, May 25, 2009

How to setup your Online English Tutorial

A couple of days ago we talked about money making businesses like, being a VA, writer and affiliate marketer. Today, I came across a very interesting article that I have not paid much attention to before. It's PUTTING UP YOUR OWN ONLINE ENGLISH SCHOOL. This is another way of making money online.

As people say, English is the most used language. It is basically the universal language. Plenty of people speak it. By far it is the most important language to learn if you want to be ahead of others. If you wish to do business overseas or study abroad, then learning the English language is a must for you. However not everyone has the time to go to an actual school to learn. So, some people thought of setting up an Online English School, some call it Online English Tutorial.

It is not so difficult to put up an Online Tutorial. I researched on the common things these tutorials use and I came up with a list that you need:
  • Internet access
  • Computer
  • web cam (it's a plus if you have one, but it's okay if you do) not
  • Headset
  • Skype program
  • Power Point
Those things I have listed are the most common tools used in Online Tutorials. Noticed that on the list I posted, I mentioned Skype. This is a chat program that you can download for free (click on it). Sign up is a breeze, you can do it in less than 5 minutes! So after you sign up and got the feel of your new chat program go to "contacts" and click on "add contacts." This is how you will market your Online Tutorial. You will send out emails to prospective students who are from foreign countries of course. When sending emails make sure to include your Skype ID.

So we've got the emails out of the way its time to fill out your personal information. Update your profile (tools, options, general settings, update profile) make sure to include your credentials. It would also be helpful if you will include a picture of yourself since people want to know who they're talking to (in case you do not have a web cam). Your lessons will be presented using Power Point. It will be better if you send the lesson the day before through email so the student can look at it before class. While you are teaching you both will be looking at that presentation, just to make sure that you're on the same page. If you are worried about what to teach, you can browse through a lot of ESL forums. Lesson plans are also available online for FREE!

Last but not the least, promote your Online Tutorial by publishing your own web site. Again setting up your own site is free. Go to and you should be able to come up with your own site in less than 24 hours. Include the teaching materials that you will use and also the courses that you offer.

See how easy that was! With no additional cost on your part you were able to set-up your own Online Tutorial.

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